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Have you ever tried Brazilian Wax?
Hair growth is individual and depends on many factors. The result of a perfect wax applies – whichever earlier practiced in hair removal – usually between two and four weeks.

Give your body shine!

Eyebrow correction                             from 8.00 to 10.00 €
Face                                                                                 19.00 €
Armpits                                                                           13.00 €
Arms                                                                                24.00 €
Upper arms                                                                     19.00 €
Neck                                                                                  11.00 €
Belly                                                                                  10.00 €
Breast                                                                               30.00 €
Back                                                                                  30.00 €
Full leg                                                                             30.00 €
Upper legs                                                                       17.00 €
Under legs                                                                        15.00 €
Bikini Thong                                                                   20.00 €
Bikini strips                                                                     25.00 €
Fingers – toes                                                                     7.00 €
Brazilian Hollywood Cut (incl. buttocks-fold)          35,00 €
Brazilian Landing Strip (incl. buttocks-fold)            39.00 €
Brazilian Triangle (incl. buttocks-fold)                     49.00 €
Brazilian Special (incl. buttock-fold)                    ab.45,00 €

Brazilian waxing or everything will be smooth.
Sometimes less is more, right ?!
What a sight, beautiful smooth skin without superfluous hairs.
Waxing is all the rage! – Be honest, how trendy you are?
What is Brazilian-style?
The method – With “Brazilian Waxing” is meant the removal of hair in the bikini area with warm wax.
“Brazilian” is the intimate waxing, because it belongs in Brazilian women to everyday beauty program. Even in America, France, the treatment, in which only one two fingers wide strip of hair remains very popular. For the treatment, it is necessary that the hair is approximately 0.5 cm -1 cm long, otherwise, the treatment can not be performed.
For women there are the following types of Intimhaarentferung:
(Also known as the Bermuda Triangle) Brazil Triangle:
Is the natural form most similar.
Brazil Hollywood Cut:
Removal of all hair in the pubic and genital area Brazil.
Landing Strip:
as Hollywood Cut … Here is a narrow strip of pubic hair stand.
The version for those who happen to be otherwise naked.
Brazil Bikini:
Removal of all hair outside the bikini area.
Is the treatment painful?
As the hairs are removed by the roots, the treatment is not completely painless – at least not the first time. Over time, the hair is finer and epilation is largely painless.
Bikini Design
Bikini design includes the design of hairstyles and images in the genital area. Many world nations have applied the elements of Bikini Desing as hygiene products, this was a part of the rules must in the national culture. In other nations, the dyeing and beautifying the bikini with pictures is a tool to highlight the elegance of the body.
In the European culture a push to the development of intimate hairstyle art was to satisfy the market conquest of the swimsuits in the style of “bikini”, just to emphasize the body beauty and the desire for perfection from head to toe.
The masters of our salon make intimate haircuts painless and hygienically safe. On the Brasil by Wax optimal preparatory skin intimate hairstyles are made not only to marvel, bikini-design is hygienic and comfortable. Apart from the intimate hairstyle is not just a body jewelry, but has another important function
How long should the hair for Haarenfernung be at least?
Hair should have a minimum length of 4 mm.
Are there any tips for the time before and after treatment?
24 hours before waxing you should not expose the sun or visit the solarium. In addition, the skin must be absolutely free of grease, otherwise it will not function ore. So 24 hours in advance not apply cream! And: Generally not advisable is a Intimwaxing irritated, reddened or broken skin.
What you should for a Waxing note?
Because the skin is sensitive immediately after waxing, you should note the following: 24 hours of waxing should not expose themselves to the sun or visit the solarium. Also, one should refrain from the use of care products with chemical additives to 24 hours after treatment. Happy to advise our specialists about our products for aftercare.
What can be done about ingrown hairs?
Through excess, already dead skin cells of the hair canal can clog. The growing hair can no longer grow through the outer skin layer and curls a below the skin surface.
Against ingrown hair works best regular body peeling and / or the “rubbing off” with a loofah sponge. The peeling effect the dead skin cells are removed, open clogged pores and stimulates circulation.