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TEENAGER 3 Facials for only 99 €

Enjoy 3 diferent facials with our high tech equiment for just 99€ 1.- Micro dermo abrasion, ultra sound and iono therapy 2.- SPM vaccum therapy, photo therapy, crio therapy. 3.- Chemical peeling or micro dermo abrasion, mesotherapy or radio frequency * Buying a pakage of three facials.

Belly reductor from 35 €

Treatment of lipolytic wrap, which is responsible for the breakdown of triglycerides and fat cells, is a sophisticated body process that can only be carried out internally cutaneously, stimulates and reduces fat and weight loss.

35 € with VAT Form or

41,65 € without VAT Form

Anti cellulite treatment up to 35 €

The body wrap stimulates and reduces inflammation of the fat cell and weight loss, through the application of this technique it is possible to activate the blood and lymphatic stream, causing a reducing, firming, detoxifying and modeling effect of its silhouette.

Belly 35 €

Arms 45 €

1/2 Legs 55 €

Permanent Hair removal

Permanent hair removal with IPL & SHR
Upper lip + + Armpits legs € 150
Belly + Breast + 80
Armpits + Brazil Intim Zone 120 
Armpits + Upper lip 60
• Neck + Shoulders + Back € 135
This price is offered with a reservation of  approx. 10 Treatments.

Reductor treatments For “beginners”

The perfect combination :
Pay 6 treatments and get 1 Free

Reduction of adipose tissue , cellulite and muscle tone due to the combination of :
7 Treatments lymphatic drainage
1 Treatment Kryo Cryolipolysis “COOL” one area (abdomen / for exaple )
1 Radiofrequency treatment (abdominal )
1 Treatment Cavitation (abdominal )
2 Treatments therapy Thermoslim
2 Treatments Laser Lipo Plus Passive Gymnastics (abdominal )
* The treatment lasts about 2 to 3 hours

For just € 690

Previously it is required to make a análicis and advice which will explain the procedure and each of the treatments.

Important ! Bring 1 liter of water and socks.

Body Shape Offer

HAPPY HOUR: Mo. to Fr. from 09:00 until 14:00

We have now a very special offer for BEGINERS combined with a lynphatic massage it´s clinically-tested.

Body Shape Offer

HAPPY HOUR: Mo. to Fr. from 09:00 until 14:00
It is a revolutionary, treatment to loose the fat, Fast and Save:

-No downtime -No scarring -No surgery – No Incisions -Non invasive
5 Treatment package

* Reduction of adipose tissue, cellulite and tightening by the combination of:
5 treatment of lymphatic drainage FREE
1 treatment Cryotherapy (abdomen)
1 treatment Radiofrequency (abdomen)
1 treatment of Cavitation (abdomen)
1 treatment of thermal slim-therapy
1 treatment Lipo Laser Plus Gymnastics Passive (abdomen)

Regular (HAPPY HOUR TIME) Mo. to Fr. from 09:00 until 14:00  – PRICE 415 € + detoxification plan and consultation incl.(with VAT Form) PRICE 493.85 € (with out VAT Form)
Treatment takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes

(ANY TIME ) Regular PRICE  958 €  detoxification plan and consultation incl.(with out VAT Form)

Treatment takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes

Couple Massage

Now you can enjoy our relaxing “Couple Massage.” Thins invigorating and relaxing massage will make your partner and you feel completely relax and ready to enjoy your next adventure of the day. Complementary glass of wine included.

Wellness Package for 2 / 60 Min.

Ayurveder massage “Time for Two” choose 2 massage from our SPA list! A good SPA break for two gift brings this experience! With this gift for lovers of well-being, you will never go wrong! Spending time together is always a good idea, now it can also be a beautiful gift!. With an applications of rose petals.

Enjoy this massage for only 99 € with VAT Form Reduced from 117 €


Pedicure offers

Early Winter Special

Get a beautiful pedicure for only 25.00 Euro. with  Shellac  35€
Pedicure include a Feed Massage 35.00 Euro