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Massage Ayurveda
The Marma massage directs the flow of energy and release physical and mental blocks. Strengthens the organs, it stimulates tissue regeneration and releases new energy.
The Marma massage lasts about 1 hour. It is a full body massage with oil. muscles, vessels, ligaments, bones and joints : During the Marma massage is treated individually Marma points (similar to acupuncture points) a special oil that allows work applies. € 105.00

Herbal compresses Massage
This massage, is a part of traditional Thai medicine.
It is an acupressure massage along the meridians (energy channels) releases the locks. By steam, herbal compress their properties emanates through a very hot steam, accelerating metabolism, purification and detoxification is stimulating and at the same time a true muscle relax. The massage oil is hot and promotes a natural detoxification. Treat yourself to your health! The components of the pads are for example: tamarind, ginger, lemongrass, Curcuma.etc. 105.00 €
Body Massage
Classical massage led to the relaxation of sore and tense muscles. This results in better blood circulation of skin tissue and muscle tissue, stimulates metabolism and therefore promotes relaxation. € 47.50
massage with aromatic natural wax
Marvel at the combination of gentle warmth and aroma of natural essential oils with virgin Shea butter, 100% pure and organic certified of the highest quality, make this treatment a unique experience. Feel how your body feels and smells later. € 77.00
Massage Swedish
Swedish massage is performed by means of sedatives, revitalizing and kneading landslides, following several circulatory tilting movements and pleasant for the welfare and accompanied by relaxing background music. Swedish massage helps relax the muscles and release tension. They also promote blood circulation, activates the lymphatic system, strengthen the nervous system and guarantee a good night’s sleep. € 47.50
Sports Massage
Sports massage is used to activate the circulatory system. That is, the supply of oxygen to body tissue is increased, carrying harmful substances, such as waste and discharge channels excretory substances. Avoid adhere to the muscles, which in turn increases endurance sports. The mental and physical well-being will be affected positively and sports massage reach the call pulse amplification resistance . This indicates that the central nervous system is energized and muscle contractions were slow and premature. With the help of this sports massage and relaxation you will get better performance.55.00 €
Massage Bambu
Bamboo stimulates the skin and senses. The round shape and smooth texture of bamboo makes it a special massage tool is “the art of massage.” Relieves tension and has a draining effect 55.00 €

After a relaxing massage with hot chocolate balm 100% pure cocoa butter and Jojoba oil quality on the back and incorporated with gentle movements massage the skin chocolate increases serotonin levels in the brain. (Serotonin – is the happiness hormone that promotes relaxation, reduces stress and uplifting cocoa contains antioxidants that protect the skin against free radicals and other natural active ingredients activate the metabolism and have a positive influence at all. the body. Cocoa butter and jojoba oil to moisturize the skin effectively.
During the night, chocolate and aroma get a better break here. € 70.00
Honey Massage
The natural mix gently stimulated with ginger honey extract to soften skin, soy, jojoba and particularly coconut oil, gives this body massage only balanced character. The fragrance supports the harmonious balance of body and mind. € 70.00
Hot stone massage
An old tradition behind this massage technique that has been practiced by Aboriginal ancestors in South America and the ancient Chinese.
In combination with a hot oil and heated stones washed, massaged.
The mineral content of the washed and heat transfer lymph flow, stimulates metabolism, releasing muscle and emotional stress. € 79.00 €
Relax Massage
Aromatic oils caring and activate the flow going in harmony with classic massage techniques with soft brushes, firm and marked pressure, kneading and energizing relaxation techniques ensure deep relaxation € 41.00
Lomi-lomi Massage
The Lomi Lomi Nui is a traditional Hawaiian massage that has been passed from generation to generación.Son vigorous massage techniques to release deep-seated and persistent tensions. According to your needs, the most appropriate pressure is applied during the massage to reach and return to internalize itself and achieve deep relaxation, inner peace and flexibility in your joints. € 94.00
Prenatal Massage
With the growing belly is changing not only the static but also the metabolic processes of the body. Massage during pregnancy is suitable for pregnant women from week 16. This type of massage will help stabilize and balance your body and well-being of the mother and baby. € 46.00
Will you and your partner do something together? With professional support in the art of couples massage! Experience a deeply relaxing experience with the person you love, it is a sensitive and empathetic massage and how good it is, at the same time enjoy together massage your choice. € 117.00
Massage vaccum
The vacuum suction effect increases and strengthens the blood passage and oxigenamiento skin. In addition, the oil that runs through massage cupping works in the deeper layers of the skin. Stimulates increased collagen fibers, among other things, further ensuring that the desired relaxing effect. Therefore, the vacuum massage promotes skin firmer and smoother adipose tissue. € 41.00
Hypoallergenic Massage
All our massages can be made on the basis of this hypoallergenic oil.
Which nourishes the sensitive skin is delicate cast with moisturizing shea butter, aloe vera oil, soy, jojoba and coconut has a protective and soothing action.

Please contact me if you want this oil for massage. € 70.00
Body Peeling
Rids the skin cells gently dry skin and provides a feeling of soft and velvety. From 22,50 € To € 41.50
20 Min. Massage
The classic partial body massage is suitable for clients with pain in the spine and back pain and neck helps relieve muscle tension and contributes to mental relaxation. € 22.00
Slim Massage
Through various massage modes and adjustable speed vibration, can promote fat transport achieving a weight loss effect. The massage heads with the different ways that can massage different body parts such as the lower back, neck massage, relax nerves, relieve pain and muscle fatigue against sedentary caused by standing or sitting positions or the Physical exerted. It is also used for waist, hip, calf area, neck, shoulder, arm, thigh, etc. € 19.00

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Prenatal Massage

Enjoy this great relaxing massage.

Chocolate or Honey

Enjoy this great relaxing massage.

Deep Tissue

Enjoy this great relaxing massage.
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Sweedish Massage

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