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Hair Loss

Hair Loss

Effective treatments for men and women

By applying a certain amount of energy over a frequency to the scalp, the hair follicles are stimulated old.
Our beauty treatments will receive an increase in blood flow to the scalp that stimulates hair growth, strengthens hair roots, and through the application of high-quality hair foods allows purification of the hair roots.
This effect takes place in a natural shape and promotes a further strengthening of existing hair healthy and shiny with a look.

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* package of 15 treatments
Regular price of € 41.00 to € 65.00
For € 624.00 Incl. 5 Lynphmassagen Free

The cost of treatment for hair loss will be between 2.050 -2600 € for the first year, it consists of 40-50 sessions of 60 minutes. Thereafter, follow-up treatments are 10-12 times a year necessary.

* Package prices must always be 100% to be paid in advance.
* All offers, discounts and promotions are not cumulative
* Prices are with VAT incl.